Dalmaine Dewgarde
By Kelvin Woodard 
                                        Photo Ref: AW0765 Left, 
Dal Dewgarde
Posted 03-05-18
Hi Paul and Karl 
Regarding Photo AW0765 (above)  
I recognised Dal Dewgarde on the dinner dance photo when you first put it up on the web site, however I was not totally sure at that time. A little bit more info about Dal,  The correct spelling of his Christian name is Dalmaine.
I know him not from Auto Wrappers , as he was there before my time, but from my old Scout Troop the 1
Norwich. Dal was a Scout Leader there in the 1960's. He went onto work at the foundry that used to be in Oak Street. In the 1960's he lived in Pottergate before all of the slums were pulled down, and before his death he lived at the end of School Lane where it meets the ring road near the Sprowston Road roundabout. I went to his funeral which must have been about ten years ago. Dal was originally from British Honduras and for many years was associated with the Manchester Oddfellows as well as being a Broadland District councillor.
I have attached a page from the 1
Norwich book (see below) which has a picture of Dal in Germany in 1966. You might also find a picture of me as well ! 
Kelvin Woodard