Posted 10-12-17
Jean Cann Visits the Bradman Lake Factory 
In April 2017 we invited Jean Cann and her family to the Bradman Lake / Autowrappers factory in Beccles Suffolk, Jean is the daughter of Charles (Bill) Maddison the founder of Autowrappers, we had a great day discussing how Auto-wrappers was started by her father and sharing stories on the history of the company, Jean told us how her father came to Norwich leaving the family behind in Halifax, he set up the company on his own in a bombed out building in Edward St and during the difficult first year, slept on a camp bed in the corner of the workshop, she told us that later when the family were reunited in Norwich her father would design machines at home, not on a draftsman board but using sheets of paper laid out on a snooker table in a room that was constantly hazey from Bills love of cigars. Jean brought us some more photographs of the Autowrappers 1958 dinner dance that will be posted on the site shortly. 
After spending most of the day talking about the history of the company we introduced  Jean and her family to Sean Underwood ( Bradman Lake Beccles factory manager ) he then gave them  a tour of the Bradman Lake factory, showing them some of the old Super 2000 machines that were based on her fathers design, these had come back   for refurbishment. they were pleased to know that we still currently produce new S2000 machines, we also showed them how the Autowrappers name is still used as a brand name on our current range of flow wrappers and other equipment  and then they had a exclusive demonstration of the new Compact vision system pick and place loader, flow-wrapper, cartoner and case packer that was being shipped to the USA for an exhibition. 
The Photo below shows Jean and the family looking though the Auto-wrappers history folders in the boardroom at Bradman Lake Beccles.
Left to Right: Karl Dawson ( AW website  ) Russel Cann, Jean Cann, Richard Cann, Alex Budd 
Photo Ref: AW0728 Courtesy of Jean Cann
The Photo below shows Jean and the family in discussion with Sean Underwood ( BL factory manager ) on modern day packaging technology in comparison to the technology that her father developed. 
Jean and family with Paul Holmes 
AW website, 
second from right )
 and ( far right ) Sean Underwood.
Photo Ref: AW0728 Courtesy of Jean Cann
A Follow up Email From Jean Cann
Posted 12-12-17
Hello Paul
It has been a real pleasure to read your latest chapter about AW.  The names of some of the contributors came flooding back to me.  It certainly gave me a real sense of pride to read just how much my father had achieved not only in the wrapping machinery field but also for creating a company of which old-time apprentices speak so fondly.    They clearly enjoyed their time with the company. I was particularly interested in the article by Rod Horne who overlapped with me when he joined in 1958. Like him, I remember the foremen who held authority with Reg Maddison, my uncle,  They were,  as Rod says, Jack Robinson and Bert Goodings but also Ken Mirams.
I can't help admiring Ivan Mortimer's story!  How someone who was almost blind could learn to operate a lathe is beyond me. And I enjoyed his story about persuading a later employer to buy his old AW lathe.  What an engaging story it is.  
I wish all of you at the Beccles factory a very happy Christmas.  You've made my year!
Jean Cann